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Franciscan hostel

Best hostel to Visit in Umbria

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Special weekend

Weekend Cooking

weekend dedicated to the art of cooking, especially in the preparation of handmade pasta and other traditional Umbrian recipes

Weekend families-children

weekend dedicated to the enjoyment of children (aged 4 to 12 years) and the relaxation of parents

Weekend kids / schools / groups

You can reserve the entire structure for groups of at least 20 people. Also near the hostel, you can organize group meeting, small conferences ...

weekend tastings

Weekends to discover and taste typical local products. Meeting with the producers

The Franciscan trail

The Franciscan Path of Peace Assisi-Gubbio is characterized by a striking spirituality. The trail is a natural destination very interesting. The path (in the woods of Assisi and Valfabbrica, between the castle and the mountain of Giomici Biscina, along the valley of Chiascio), about 40 km, is a path immersed in the classic elements of nature: water, wood and stone, prepared to be traveled only on foot, horseback or bicycle.

지갑 대신에 시간을내어 지불하는

지갑 대신에 시간을내어 지불하는 것. 나는 hulu를 사용하지 않기 때문에이 구독에 대해 광고가 어떤 것인지 알지 못하지만 표준 TV 채널에서 광고는 종종 쇼 런타임의 20 % 이상입니다. 매월 아주 특별한 […]

2015 년에 니콜 렛 몰 (Nicollet Mall)의

2015 년에 니콜 렛 몰 (Nicollet Mall)의 빈센트 (Vincent) 레스토랑이 떠들썩한 일로 틈이 생겨났습니다. 그 이후 노르망디 주방 (Normandy Kitchen)은 프렌치 엑센트가있는 비스트로 메뉴 인 moules frites, 쇠고기 부르 뇽뇽, […]

Guests about us

Guests tell us that the hostel Franciscan welcomed them and make them feel at home. In this beautiful renovated building, guests will find a family environment, we are available to meet your needs. The dining rooms are comfortable, even for people with disabilities. The same is true for rooms with one or two beds, very different from those of hostels structured as dormitories. The quality of food increases the pleasure of interrupting the daily routine for a short holiday. Or long!

mobile 3401607456 / phone 039-075-901195
via Piave 3 Valfabbrica