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basically to boil it down, DAWs are bague argent homme personnalisable great for tatouage cuisse bracelet femme fixed sort of things and basic arranging/sequencing. Great for recording tracks, arranging/editing/mastering prerecorded tracks. If you making projects that plays back exactly the same every single time (like making an bague argent saphir et diamant album), use a DAW.

Things like bracelet femme a completer SuperCollider, Max, Pure Data, etc. are great for things that aren fixed but change every time you play them and for more algorithmically complicated sequencing sort of things. Also great for bague argent le manège à bijoux live performance. If you wanna do a song where you feed a guitar into your computer and you do crazy stuff like I dunno, mix around chaine argent bracelet femme the FFT bins through some sort of bracelet femme or jaune 750 webcam bague argent rhodié pas cher or physical sensor input or wanna switch bague argent universitaire between nettoyer bague argent oxydée diff effects based on some parameters, SC is great for that. bracelet femme noire If you wanna do some crazy sequencing thing where you pick between 1000s of bague argent 925 marcassite samples based on some sort of crazy generative algorithm, SC is great for that. If you wanna live program beats, SC is great for naoli bague argent that (esp in conjunction with live coding environments like TidalCycles, Sonic Pi, etc.). SC is also great for making custom effects, things that maybe you can find as plugins in DAWs but also maybe not and you can tailor them to the extent of your imagination.

Some bague argent et quartz DAWs like Ableton have extra bits tacked on for live performance like easy ways to loop and trigger samples though and do more algorithmic/custom fx sort of things using Max for Live.

I use SuperCollider for semi improvised compositional sort of stuff mostly. Ive tended to use pure data for performances patches I intend to have other folks use bc it’s a bit grosse bague argent massif multi anneaux easier to get up and running, particularly if they aren’t quite as experienced with live computer music stuff, but maybe I’ll give sc a shot for that in the future now that I’m a bit more comfy doing gui stuff in sc, we’ll see.

for live coding, messed around with sonic pi for a bit bague argent vieilli homme but moved on to tidalcycles. the tidalcycles layer on top of sc feels a little more transparent than sonic pi’s, feel like I can be a bit more terse, and external editors seem to be a bit better supported (which is nice bc I like to live in emacs).

Patterns are really awesome to use in SC, but I usu use those in a compositional sort of frameworks marc orian bague argent femme where I work at it for a bracelet femme cube longer period of time. You might want to look at something like Sonic Pi or TidalCycles if you want bague argent gallo romain something a bit more succinct with sequencing as those are meant for live coding and have a lot of sequencing paradigms like looping and bague argent africain syncing baked in (and they built on top of SuperCollider + other languages).

Also consider using Routines and Tasks in SC and using those + loop { to index into arrays and maybe use a GUI to set values into those arrays.

yeah, i get bague argent manchette that. those creepy and tragic elements just kinda petered out at the end and what i would really liked was for them to mix in with the main plotline, think the emotional impact would be 10x what it was in the game as it is. kinda felt like each family member had their own stories but they were all on their own separate tracks and we didn get enough of what X observes of Y situation maryjane bague argent and how it affects Z in their treament of X, etc. Think was saved the game for me was how Sam endeared bague argent aspect martelé to me, I suppose I have a soft spot for witty, creatively inclined characters.

Yeah, think I got What Remains tentatively on my wishlist, kinda on Linux tho bague argent de createur so I wonder if works with Proton. narrative centric “walking simulator” adventurey sorta games are one of my fav types of games so i always on the lookout for new ones..