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Best and Funny iPhone Auto correct Mistakes

When it comes to iPhone, the worst yet funny part is the enabled by default Auto correct feature. The nifty feature, which apparently aliexpress coque samsung j3 is tries coque samsung s5 licorne to words you type frequently and store them in memory for future use.

The feature corrects your errors, but sometimes, no matter how many times you tap the button, it looks like the feature never understands the difference in meaning. This, however, can coque samsung s8 paillette be a definite annoyance.

Thanks to the auto correct feature coque samsung galaxy core prime starbuck and its coque bumper huawei p20 pro mind if you ever send a text message too quickly, it coque samsung galaxy s5 strass could turn your message into coque rabat huawei mate 20 pro something funny and dirty. A website called Damn You Autocorrect features such hilariously funny auto correct mistakes, which we had featured in our Friday Fun section some time back.

To do so, follow the steps mentioned below on and find the option

Next, select will be displayed with several options to turn on and off. In the move the slider from ON to coque samsung ace 4 amazon OFF. This will disable the auto correct feature.

Apparently, Sonny Dickson, a coque samsung galaxy s6 swag tech enthusiast, found an improvised spell check feature lying inactive in the iPhone iOS 5. coque iphone He posted stating the improved feature comes with an Android like autocorrect keyboard bar.

Users can enable this suggestion bar for their phone by adding a simple code. To do so, download iBackupBot and backup your iPhone/iPod in iTunes. Open the file and coque samsung xcover 4s add the following codeSave the modifications, and then coque gel huawei p30 pro restore from backup from within iBackupbot.

Google Best Hidden Easter Eggs

Apart from being known for its impressive doodles, coque samsung galaxy a50 coque officiel huawei p30 pro amazon there are a number of gags and coque samsung galaxy j5 mickey hidden messages within the search engine giant, Google, which are coque samsung galaxy s6 orange popularly called as Easter Eggs. An Easter egg is a hidden feature that the developers or have intentionally put in their software, often for their own amusement, and when it comes to Google developers, they have implanted several Easter eggs in their software, ranging from Google Earth to Google search to Google Reader.

We had earlier compiled a list of awesome Google Search tricks, including the hoax page that Google had created on April Fool Day. However, if you liked a barrel roll Easter egg, then I sure you would love the other hidden ones as well. This will bring coque samsung s8 boulanger up a ninja ouvrir coque samsung on the left side of the Reader with the text written in the search box. It pointless, but it all fun.

Steve Irwin wrestling with a Crocodile

Do you remember the late wildlife expert and adventurer Steve Irwin Of course you should. coque samsung Everybody knows about him. Well, go to Google Earth and spin around to the waterfront side of the Sydney Opera House in Australia. What do you see Well, its Steve Irwin wrestling with a crocodile.

Did you know 3D buildings in Google Earth have been designed and sketched by individual designers

Chat with Martin in Space

Google Earth 5 allows users to explore the Red Planet, Mars and along with that, you can chat to locals too. coque samsung Well, sort of. coque huawei Type into the search box and you will be transported to Meliza dusty domain, where you can strike coque samsung fyy coque huawei p30 pro tab 3 7 pouces a conversation with the chat bot. However, Meliza isn as funny as coque samsung galaxie s3 Apple Siri ;)

Google Earth Flight Simulator

Google has this very interesting Easter egg hidden in Google Earth. bijoux pas cher Using the flight simulator, you can fly around the globe in Google Earth by coque samsung galaxy s5 mini coque complete huawei p30 pro minion simply pressing Ctrl + Alt + A. This activates the flight simulator and allows you to fly an F 16 coque samsung s9 bois fighter jet anywhere in the world. coque samsung This, however, was originally inserted as an Easter egg but now has become one of the official features of Google Earth.

Play Snake on YouTube

Snake is one the most popular mobile phone games, which you can also play on Google YouTube player. When you are viewing a video on YouTube, press the up arrow key when the video is loading or buffering.